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Covan Leorac

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Covan Leorac is a Grey Knights Grand Master. He leads the 7th Brotherhood as Representative to the Inquisition. Grand Master Leorac maintains the Chapter’s secret knowledge of the Inquisition, tomes of lore on the Inquisitors of each Ordo reaching back thousands of years. It is rare for individual battle-brothers to serve with the same Inquisitor more than once, lest either should learn too much of the other.[2]


Conflicting sources

In the 5th Edition codex, Leorac was said to be killed on the world of Ghori, where he was struck down by two scores of Bloodletters during battle. It fell to Anval Thawn to hold the Daemons back until help arrived, for which Thawn was promoted to the rank of Justicar.[1]