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Cowled Wardens

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Cowled Wardens
CowledWardens.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Dark Angels[1]
Founding: Unknown, possibly Ultima Founding[1]
Homeworld: Fleet-Based
Colours: Purple/Black[1]
Specialty: Investigating Fallen in the Teras of Piruz[1]

The Cowled Wardens are a Dark Angels Successor Chapter.[1]


Their base of operations lies within the Sirikoid Belt, a part of the region known as the Teras of Piruz. However, rather than having a single Fortress Monastery, the Chapter operates out of several hollowed-out asteroids and are nominally tasked with the purging of the savage Jehangir that terrorize the region. The Cowled Wardens' secret purpose, though, is the investigation of what the Unforgiven believe to be a large Fallen network in the area[1]. Those Fallen that are captured by the Wardens, are imprisoned in icy catacombs the Chapter have carved within a nameless asteroid of the Sirikoid Belt.[2]

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