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Crangor's Buccaneers

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Crangor's Buccaneers' symbol[1]

Crangor's Buccaneers are a semi-militarized group of Pirates, that are led by Captain Crangor and operate out of the notorious Claw Nebula.[1]


Because the full weight of the Imperium's influence is not often felt there, its forces are in an almost permanent state of war with the Buccaneers and the Claw's other factions. While thus far, the Buccaneers have had only minor clashes with the Imperium, their influence within the Claw is spreading quickly. Crangor seeks to claim control of the Claw and it will not be long before the Administratum decides that the Buccaneers are too strong and decide to take action against the Pirates. Until then, Crangor is happy to continue his battles for total dominance of the Claw.[1]

Under his leadership, the Buccaneers now have a reasonably wide range of troops and equipment at their disposal. This is partly luck and partly because Crangor has managed to extract an oath of fealty from a Squat Clan leader of the Kalak-Azrum System. Due to the alliance, the Buccaneers have now gained access to a range of contraband Imperial equipment and a sizable contingent of Squat warriors. The Clan leader's third son also now serves as Crangor's Bosun and the Squats are unswerving loyal to both him and the Pirate Captain. Among the Buccaneers' other forces is a large contingent of Aeldari, who are renegades from some unexplained civil war within their species.[1]