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Crasker Matterzhek (Supplement)

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Crasker Matterzhek set[1]

Crasker Matterzhek is a Commander of the Genestealer Cults team. It is one of the Supplement sets for the Kill Team: Commanders of the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018).[1]


Crasker Matterzhek of the Elevated Siblings bears the standard of his kindred, a sacred duty given to him by Primus Desh. The icon of Grandsire Wurm must be seen from the highest vantage point, to boost the rebellion's morale in this vital hour – with the cult's most experienced kill team alongside him, Crasker feels sure he will make it to the very tip of the sprawl's tallest spire. Perhaps he will raise it so high that the Star Children will see him, and grant him the desire he so fervently desires...[1]

Crasker Matterzhek (Supplement) consists of Acolyte Iconward.[1]