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Creations of Bile

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The Creations of Bile are a Chaos Warband.[2]

Creations of Bile
Unknown.jpg Creations of Bile Marine.jpg
Origin: Unknown
Leader: Fabius Bile
Colours: Unknown
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Unknown


A collective name for the many servants and creations of Fabius Bile, these forces are used for both his own purposes as well as mercenaries for other Chaos Lords willing to pay the price. These hideously altered warriors are often used for diversionary attacks while Bile pursues his own agenda.[3]

The forces of the Creations of Bile are myriad, consisting of Terata, Gland Hounds, or warbands like the Shriven. Some are even abducted or mutated from other Chaos or loyalist armies after being abducted by Bile.[3]

Known Engagements

Known Members


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