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Crimson Consuls

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Crimson Consuls
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Founding Chapter: Ultramarines [1]
Chapter Master: Elias Artegall [1]
Homeworld: Carcharias [1]
Fortress-Monastery: Slaughterhorn [1]
Colours: Crimson and Cream [1]
Strength: Destroyed[1]

The Crimson Consuls were an Ultramarines Successor Chapter that was destroyed by the forces of Chaos.[1]


This page contains spoilers for: The Long Games at Carcharias (Short Story)

Like their fellow brother Successor Chapters in the Marines Mordant, Nova Legion and Vindicators, the Crimson Consuls were charged with guarding the rimward frontiers of the Maelstrom Warpstorm[3a]. However in late M41, all four were destroyed in sudden systematic attacks on their Homeworlds, by the forces of the Alpha Legion Arch-Lord Quetzel Carthach.[3b]

Before the Alpha Legionnaire struck, he made sure that elements of the Chapter were eliminated one by one. The entirety of the 1st Company was obliterated assaulting the Ork infested Space Hulk the Revenant Rex, taking every one of the Chapter's Terminator suits with them. When the 1st Company heard a countdown sounding onboard the Hulk, they teleported into its enginarium, hoping to sabotage its warp drives before it jumped back into the Warp. However, they found it already sabotaged by the Legionnaire. Before they could escape, the Hulk exploded, detonating its warp drives and opening an immaterium anomaly in Real Space that wiped out everyone on board.[1]

Two further Companies were lost on the planet of Phaethon IV, after the Celebrants Chapter was ordered to withdraw from the planet and the Crimson Consuls instead took their place. This order turned out to be issued by the Legionnaire, and Phaethon IV became overrun by the beginnings of Waaagh! Wuzghal. The Crimson Consuls fought bravely, almost halting the fledgling Waaagh! in its tracks. However, the fierce fighting disturbed the deep slumber of Necrons entombed beneath the planet, and between the greenskins and the ancient warriors crawling out from below, the two Companies of Crimson Consuls didn't stand a chance.[1]

The 3rd and 5th Companies, who were engaged in the Damocles Crusade tasked with bringing the Tau Commander O'Shovah to battle, were killed years ago and the Legionnaire kept up regular fake astrotelepathic reports in order to deceive the Chapter. Suddenly the 8th Company, who were two systems away from the Chapter's homeworld of Carcharias hunting Black Legion Traitor Marines in the Sarcus Reaches, ceased sending contact altogether.[1]

As the Crimson Consuls slowly lost contact with large parts of their Chapter, Chapter Master Elias Artegall realised they were under some sort of insidious attack. He ordered the fortress-monastery secured and fortified. However, within mere moments the compound became compromised from within as Crimson Consuls turned their bolters on each other. Artegall and his officers charged through the chaotic fighting to the secure position of his Tactical Chancelorium. Only to find it already occupied by Black Legion Marines. Artegall was taken captive and his surviving officers were immediately executed. A Chaos Marine from the Alpha Legion revealed himself and explained how he orchestrated the downfall of the Crimson Consuls. Many years ago he had set their corruption in motion. Their recruits were brainwashed even before induction with psycho-sensitive words written on the walls of Carcharias' underhives, and a mere phrase was all that was needed to turn them against their non-brainwashed brothers. The Crimson Consuls had fallen and their stocks of gene-seed will be pillaged and delivered to Abaddon as a gift to replenish the numbers of his Black Legion.[1]

His entire Chapter fallen around him, Artegall managed to fight back one last time. He broke free and locked himself in his personal armoury. But despite its apparent safety, he discovered the Chapter Master's master-crafted boltgun already gone. Baldwin, his best-friend and personal Chamber Castellan, had taken it and was aiming it directly at him. Artegall, the last of the Crimson Consuls, was murdered and the Chapter destroyed.[1]

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