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Crimson Dawn (Novella)

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Crimson Dawn
Cover art
Author C.Z. Dunn
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2014
Pages 104
Editions March 2014 enovella
ISBN 9781782514800

Crimson Dawn is a novella by C.Z. Dunn, a tie-in to Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance boxed set.

Cover Description

Excommunicated, hated and hunted, the formerly loyal Crimson SabresCrimson Slaughter turned from the Emperor's Light and have since carved a bloody trail through the Imperium. But before they betrayed their oaths and turned to the worship of the Dark Gods, they were the Crimson Sabres, stalwart and loyal. This is the story of their fall, as Scout Captain Anzo Riegler, a lone voice of reason amidst Chaos, becomes an unwitting pawn in his Chapter's demise.


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