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Crimson Guard (Mechanicum)

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A Venatorius of the Crimson Guard
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Mechanicum force; for the Space Marine Chapter, see Crimson Guard (Chapter).

The Crimson Guard, officially known as the Venatorii, are an elite military force created by the Adeptus Mechanicus of the Calixis Sector following the destruction of their Skitarii legions during the War of Brass.[1a]


The Crimson Guard are some of the best-equipped and best-trained infantry in the Calixis Sector, separate from the Mechanicum's Skitarii and frequently hired out to the Calixian Conclave of the Inquisition.[1a] Though the very first Crimson Guard were recruited from the decimated pool of the Lathe Worlds' Skitarii, all later recruits were taken from the finest of warriors during basic training. These men and women are then fitted with a device called a Potentia Coil as well as other cybernetic enhancements, equipped with powerful integrated weaponry, and trained in their use, before being sent to serve on a forge world or other Mechanicum installation. Alternatively, if a request has been made by the Conclave, they may be sent to serve as agents of the Inquisition.[1a]

Some Crimson Guard end up seconded to Astra Militarum regiments in the Spinward Front warzones as flexible heavy shock troopers where they shore up any perceived weaknesses in the regiment. These warriors are sometimes known as Crimson Exemplars, and fight alongside the most elite units on the battlefield, while disdaining the company of units they consider "lesser".[3]


The Venatorii are only recruited from the most promising of young warriors born of the Calixis Sector's forge worlds. Particularly skilled Crimson Guard may be fast-tracked to Triarius training, which also includes further cybernetic enhancement.[1a]

Their training and the fitting of their cybernetics can take between five and eight years.[1a] As well as a multitude of physical cybernetic enhancements, their training involves traditional battlefield training as well as painful mnemonic-coding implantation, where drills and manoeuvres are implanted directly into their memories through a direct physical interface, hypnosis, ultrasonic cerebral etching, and cybernetic implants installed into their cerebral cortex.[3]


The Crimson Guard are organised into Cohorts, with squadrons known as maniples, and in peace time are assigned to guard various Mechanicum installations. There are eight ranks of Venatorii, though only three differ markedly. Above the four ranks of Venatorius are the Triarii, who are equipped with more powerful weaponry and cybernetics, as befitting their station. Above the Triarii are the Celerii, who make use of Alatus-pattern jump packs. The highest rank in the Crimson Guard is Celerius Tribune. These are the Crimson Guard's commanders and strategists, and are more machine than man.[1a]


The core piece of equipment, that every member of the Crimson Guard has, is their Potentia Coil. The Potentia Coil is a device unique to the Machine Cult,[1a] and is a power supply attached to a Cyber-Mantle, which in turn, is attached to the Crimson Guard's spine.[2a] The Crimson Guard draws upon their Potentia Coil to power their weapons and equipment.[1b]

The majority of Crimson Guard make use of archeotech weapons known as Lathe-Lasguns. These las-weapons are more powerful than standard lasguns,[1b] with both a higher energy output and better armour penetration capability.[2b] Those ranked Triarius and Celerius have access to highly advanced weapons, including Lasblasters that replace an individual's entire forearm; personal Mass Drivers; launchers that, rather than firing grenades, instead fire orbs of gravitic energy that crush opponents against the ground; and unique, jealously-guarded phased plasma rifles that neither need to be recharged nor do they overheat.[1b] In melee, Crimson Guard use electrically-charged whips or arc-welders capable of cutting through adamantine. The Crimson Guard are also equipped with masterwork and razor sharp long daggers known as Venator Blades.[1b] These weapons are all part-weapon system, and part bionic, their designs largely recovered from ancient, fragmented data caches found on the world of Lathe-Het, and directly linked to the wielder's Potentia Coil, providing a practically inexhaustible supply of ammunition.[1b]

Their crimson carapace armour is unique to them, although for the most part, it is a standard issue set of storm trooper armour.[1b] It is 11 kilograms lighter than storm trooper armour however,[2c] thanks to the Mechanicum's manufacturing techniques, and includes a mask, in the shape of a skull, with a built-in photo-visor that allows Crimson Guard to both see in the dark and render flash grenades useless against them.[1b]


The Venatorii were established in secret by High Fabricator Kovikal Quietus after the end of the War of Brass in 741.M40. He promoted military-minded Tech-Priests so that they would build weapons and recruit new troops and ferried those recruits to training grounds on ships that were officially designated as supply ships. Although it took many years, Quietus' project was a great success, although he couldn't keep it secret from the Ordo Hereticus who had placed several spies in his ranks.[1a] When the Venatorii were finally deployed in the open, they quickly gained a grand reputation throughout the Calixis Sector, though for some reason, they were withdrawn from public view circa 200.M41 for five whole centuries. It wasn't until the Malygrisian Tech Heresy that the Crimson Guard were deployed once more, though they were not withdrawn again after that.[1a]

Notable Crimson Guard