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Crimson Knights

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Crimson Knights
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Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1]
Founding: M35[1]
Homeworld: Tembron[1]
Colours: Primarly red with golden greaves[1]
Strength: Understrength[1]

The Crimson Knights are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1]


The Crimson Knights were Founded in M35, in order to defend a region of the Imperium against the predations of the Eldar. This has led them to fight a series of battles against Craftworld Kaelor and the Chapter's 3rd Company Captain is regarded as a hero for leading a successful raid against a Craftworld. This has earned the Captain and the Crimson Knights the enmity of the Eldar, and the Chapter is currently rebuilding their strength after suffering severe losses in battle. In one such incident, the Chapter's forces were saved due to the timely intervention of an Imperial Navy Battlefleet and the Crimson Knights now count the Navy as one of their closest allies.[1]

The Chapter's homeworld is the distant world Tembron, where the Crimson Knights' leaders are its ultimate authority. Their heraldry is a sword flanked by blood drops and the Chapter is known for their swiftly-moving assault forces and fierce assaults.[1]


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