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Criol Fowst

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Criol Fowst was a senior "officer" of The Brotherhood of the Knife, a Chaos cult in service to the Word Bearers Legion during the Horus Heresy.


Born into a wealthy mercantile family on Terra, Fowst was blessed with both acute intelligence and ambition. At first he pursued wealth, like his family, and later knowledge, and finally discovered that his true hunger was for power. An avid student of occult knowledge, he was on Mars when he allowed himself to be recruited by an offshoot of the Cognitae cult. Fowst stole several volumes of their secrets, killed the cultists, and embarked for the sector of the galaxy being conquered by the Word Bearers. Fowst had already learned enough to decide that the secular Imperium offered no routes to meeting the "real" powers in the galaxy, but decided that the Word Bearers might do so.[1a]

Recruited by the Brotherhood of the Knife, Fowst rose swiftly through the cult, finally acquiring a legionary patron, Arune Xen, and attaining the rank of Majir ("confided lieutenant"). This granted him the privileges of attending several of Argel Tal's sermons, and being gifted with a rare athame knife.[1a]

When the Brotherhood made camp on Calth, disguised as the Word Bearers' human auxiliaries, Fowst conducted the first of the sacrificial rituals to implant the Octed into the Ultramarines's systems.[1a][1b]

Once the attack on the Ultramarines commenced, Fowst led his men against the loyalist units of the Imperial Army, slaughtering them with abandon.[1c][1d]

In the later stages of the battle, Fowst's unit encountered a small group of Army fugitives, led by Oll Persson. In the skirmish, Fowst was knocked unconscious and his athame was taken.[1e] Enraged, Fowst followed Persson's party, alone, howling for the return of his knife and calling for the daemons running loose over Calth to attack the loyalists. Persson killed Fowst with a single shot from his antique slug rifle, and used the athame to cut a hole in reality that allowed his small party to escape the dying planet.[1f]


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