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Crisis Battlesuit Team

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A Crisis Battlesuit Team is composed of Tau Fire Warriors who have proven themselves in battle and are allowed to wear Crisis Battlesuits and bear the name Shas'ui. These teams are highly mobile thanks to their jetpacks and can wield an assortment of weaponry depending on mission type and Sept of origin. Teams fight together for many years, often performing the Ta'lissera ritual to cement their bonds with each other. Only the best and bravest will receive the honour of becoming a Tau Commander's personal bodyguard.[1]

Although a normal complement of a Hunter Cadre's fighting strength, Crisis Teams will form into specailized formations, such as a Rapid Insertion Force[2] or Farstrike Battlesuit Force.[3]

The typical team of three Crisis suits is known as a Ta'ro'cha, which means 'three minds as one'.[4]


Each Crisis Battlesuit has three hardpoints, able to accept a mix of Battlesuit weapons and support systems. In addition, the designated team leader is allowed to take a Bonding Knife and hard-wired wargear, and if advanced in rank to Shas'vre make take Special issue-restricted wargear.[Needs Citation]