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Crone World

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The Crone Worlds are the original homeworlds first colonised by the Eldar as they rose to power tens of thousands of years ago. The worlds are now known as Crone Worlds for the Eldar crone goddess, Morai-Heg.


The region was overtaken by the Eye of Terror, its worlds consumed by Chaos and turned into nightmarish realities. Crone Worlds seem to be synonymous with Daemon Worlds. They are now the domains of the Ruinous Powers and their slaves along with many Eldar trapped there since the Fall. These worlds remain vitally important to the survival of the Eldar as they are the only source of spirit stones. However, journeys to the Crone Worlds constitute entering the most dangerous areas of the galaxy, and many who go to the Crone Worlds never return. Besides the spirit stones, many other valuable artefacts of the ancient Eldar civilisation survived the Fall and still exist in the Crone Worlds.[Needs Citation]Fabius Bile is known to have made a base of operations on a Crone World after narrowly escaping the Salamanders Chapter.[1a]

Known Crone Worlds

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