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Croneswords of Morai-Heg

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The Croneswords of Morai-Heg are ancient relics of Ynnead


The Croneswords are five swords that, according to the Eldar's legends, were carved from the finger bones of one of the Goddess Morai-Heg's hands. It is stated that the Crone Goddess of Souls and Fate lost the hand when she sought the wisdom that flowed through her own veins, and tricked the God Khaine into cutting it off. When Khaine did so, Morai-Heg drank her own blood and assimilated the knowledge it contained, while the God Vaul gathered the Crone Goddess' discarded hand and carved its five fingers into the immensely powerful Croneswords. According to the legends, if the Croneswords of Morai-Heg are placed into the right hands, they will give their wielders dominion over life and death. Yvraine, the Emissary of Ynnead, believes that possessing all five Croneswords will give her enough power to fully awaken her God. So far, as the M41 draws to a close, she has found four of the five Croneswords.[1a]

Known Croneswords

  • Kha-vir, the Sword of Sorrows — The sword of Yvraine, turns its victims to ash.[2]
  • Asu-var, the Sword of Silent Screams — Resided on Biel-Tan. Absorbs its foes life essence. Now wielded by the Visarch.[2]
  • Vilith-zhar, the Sword of Souls — The largest and most powerful blade. A shapeshifting blade forged in burning souls. Recovered on Belial IV and now wielded by the Yncarne.[2]
  • The Spear of Twilight[2], wielded by Yriel.
  • The unnamed fifth sword has been placed inside the Palace of Slaanesh by Shalaxi Helbane, making any attempt to retrieve it by the Ynnari seemingly suicidal.[3]


Conflicting Sources

In Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising it is stated that the final Crone Sword is in the Palace of Slaanesh and is thus unreachable. The events of the book take place before and during the Indomitus Crusade. However in the Rise of the Ynnari novel series, which takes after the Indomitus Crusade, the Ynnari are still seeking the final sword.