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Cronos Parasite Engine

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Cronos Parasite Engine

The Cronos is a Dark Eldar Engine of Pain.[1]


The Cronos Engines are semi-sentient, part organic and part mechanical monsters that slowly drift along on anti-gravitic motors. Created by the Haemonculi through a strange blend of alchemy and science which produces a feedblock loop of negative energy[2], the Cronos drains away not only the physical constituents of its victims but also their life essence - what little is left of its unfortunate victim is a pathetic shriveled husk which quickly collapses to little more than dust.[1]

Some Cronos are further modified by their creators to bear other soul-draining weapons, such as a Spirit Vortex or Spirit Probe. Regardless of the method used, the stolen vitality of the victim is then magnified within the machine itself, creating an energy field that rejuvenates nearby allies.[2]


Cronos miniature (5th Edition)

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