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A crossbow is a more advanced primitive weapon which, when combined with modern materials and techniques, can be comparable to modern weapons in terms of damage infliction. They are not very common in war, but are sometimes seen with rebellious street gangs or irregular troops. Often they are developed with an automatic draw mechanism which allows for much faster reload, but it is impossible to move and reload at the same time, making it a cumbersome weapon.[1][2]


Purgatus Crossbow

A Purgatus Crossbow[3]

More advanced Crossbows are also utilized by the Inquisitions Ordo Hereticus, and have become a symbol of their order. Known as the Purgatus Crossbow, it is a fusion of a Boltgun and a standard crossbow and is able to fire with more force than a Shotgun blast. However, it is its ammunition that is the true marvel; heavy wood and silver stakes inscribed with wards and runes desiged to disrupt a creature's contact with the Warp, making it an excellent weapon to hunt Psykers.[3]

A Stake Crossbow[4]

Stake Crossbow

A Stake Crossbow is a specialized weapon used by the Ordo Hereticus. When the Crossbow fires, it fires a silver stake engraved with sigils that destabilise a psyker's connection to the Warp. The impact of the stake against a psyker will not only cause a major wound, but it will cause his powers to go out of control, destroying the psyker in a storm of psychic energy.[4] The Stake Crossbow might be attached to a bolter to form a Combi-weapon - the Condemnor Boltgun.[5]

Crossbow Bolt Pistol

A Crossbow Bolt Pistol is a Crossbow capable of firing Bolts, a volley at a time.[6]

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