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Cruor Blades

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Cruor Blades
Cruor Blades Symbol.jpg
Cruor Blades Primaris.jpg CruorBladesMini.jpg
Founding Chapter: Blood Angels[1a]
Chapter Master: Cyras Vitalion[1b]
Homeworld: Kremonas[1b]
Colours: Silver with Red[1a]

The Cruor Blades are a Blood Angels Successor Chapter.[1a]


A loyal member of the Sanguinary Brotherhood, the Cruor Blades have been overwhelmed with guilt since their failure to reach Baal before it was devastated. Now on a self imposed Crusade of penitence, the Chapter's fleets roam the Red Scar as they take part in the ongoing campaign to purge it of the Tyranids. The Cruor Blades are also determined to restore the light of the Imperium to the Imperium Nihilus and venture forth to spread word of Commander Dante's appointment as Regent of the hellish realm.[1a]

Known Battles


The red of their power armor signifies the Cruor Blades acknowledgment of the Chapter's Blood Angels heritage[1b]. The Cruor Blades also favor wielding swords and various types of these weapons are personally created by them[1b][1c]. Some are known to be forged from the gold mined, from their Homeworld, Kremonas', deepest veins[1b]. While most of the Cruor Blades name their weapons, to form attachments to them, the Honor Guard Lybekion is known not to. Amongst the Chapter's Battle Brothers, raising one's blade before them and then lowering it slowly, is a gesture signifying great admiration to another Space Marine.[1c]

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Known Members

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