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Crusade of Iron

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The Crusade of Iron was a campaign of vengeance launched by the remnants of the Legio Praesagius and other loyalist Titan Legions, during the Horus Heresy, following the aftermath of the Battle for Calth.[1]

The Crusade of Iron was waged in parallel with the Shadow Crusade of the Word Bearers and World Eaters, with the Traitor Titan Legions of the Dark Mechanicum assailing loyalist Mechanicum forces across Ultramar. Other Imperial forces soon flocked to their banner and the Legio and their allies repeatedly clashed with Horus' forces. The Crusade would leave worlds burned by its battles and hideous and terrifying weapons were unleashed, such as the Psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister. While it raged, the Loyalists fought to preserve the Ultramarian way of life, while the Traitors desired only to leave ruin in their wake.[1]

The almost two years the Crusade of Iron raged, attemtping to avenge the Betrayal at Ithraca and defend Ultramar from the traitors. Many worlds were the sites of great battles while many more simply burned. During this time scores of Titans met their end and the Legio Infernus felt the wraith of its enemies for the betrayal at Calth. The final battle of the conflict Battle of Drooth II where the campaign's principle leaders Dae Vergos and Horgoth Nyr were both slain. In the aftermath of Drooth the loyalists withdrew back to Gantz while the traitors scattered and further fell under the dark influences of Horus.[2]

Known Battles