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Cryptus System

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Cryptus System
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Cryptus System

The Cryptus System is a binary star system of the Imperium.[1][2]


Located in Ultima Segmentum, the Cryptus System is also known as the Cryptan Shield due to its strategic role of protecting the Blood Angels' homeworld of Baal from invasion.[1]

The Cryptus System is rich not only in mineral wealth and the boundless energy afforded by its twin suns, but also in population. All but one of its worlds were so hostile that the only life forms that existed in great number were the tenacious legions of Humanity. From the nomads of Lysios to the inhabitants of the vast city of Phodia on Asphodex, the inhabitants of the Cryptus Shieldworlds had adapted to their harsh environments and even flourished.[1]

The Cryptus System is located close to an area of space known as the Red Scar, a dangerous region notorious for its blood red stars whose light is harmful to the skin. To settle within this region is torturous and slow, and it is known for its high crime rate.[1]

In 998.M41, the Cryptus System was invaded by the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan and subsequently devastated in the Cryptus Campaign.[1]

Celestial Objects[1]