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Crziel Acharya

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Crziel Acharya was an Admiral of the Imperial Navy during the War of the Beast.

Commanding a portion of Battlefleet Solar thanks to his connections to Lord High Admiral Lansung, Acharya was a vain but ambitious officer in constant rivalry with Admiral Price of the Rimward Fleet.[1a] Ultimately, Inquisitorial Representative Wienand, disgusted by the lack of initiative against The Beast, was able to manipulate Acharya to her own ends. Agents of Wienand (perhaps Acharya's flag-Captain Brusech) was able to convince the Admiral to abandon the fleet mustering at Lepidus Prime and launch an attack to relieve the Ork siege of Port Sanctus.[1a] Lansung was furious with Acharya for the unauthorized move and promised to punish him dearly after the war was over, but not wishing to appear unable to control his own men the Lord High Admiral departed personally to oversee the battle at Port Sanctus.[1b]

Acharya next appeared during the Imperial invasion of The Beast's homeworld of Ullanor, leading the Imperial Navy contingent.[2]

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