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Chthonian Beserks

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Chthonian Beserks[1]

The Chthonian Beserks are the heavily augmented Kin of the Leagues of Votann's Cthonian Mining Guilds.[1]


The cybernetic upgrades to the Chthonians' bodies and the Cyberstimms that flood their systems, allow the Beserks to better extract precious minerals from rad-plagued nebulaes, explosive asteroids, and fathomless ocean depths. To do this, however, the Beserks eschew the high-tech STC weapons wielded by the rest of the Kin and instead use robust mining equipment, such as Heavy Plasma Axes, Concussion Gauntlets, and Concussion Mauls. However they can also be sent into battle and when this occurs, these tools become weapons that can penetrate heavy armor or Xenos carapaces, just as easily as stubborn rock and stone. In addition, the Beserks' modifications ensure these courageous warriors can keep fighting through life-or-death situations as well.[1]

Beserks are the indomitable linebreakings of the Cthonian Mining Guilds, and themselves maintain a cheerful rivalry as to who is the most heavily adapted "lugger". They take great relish in turning their weapons against their foes, serving to protect Guild mining rights.[2]


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