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Cthonian Headhunters

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The Cthonian Headhunters were Solar Auxilia cohorts, that had an obsessive adulation of the Sons of Horus Legion. They often deployed alongside the Sons, during the Great Crusade and continued to do so in the Horus Heresy, after the Headhunters joined the Traitor forces that served Warmaster Horus Lupercal.[1]


Their obsession with the Sons of Horus led the Headhunters to have little regard for the organization and heraldry mandated in the Liber Armorum Terranicus. They instead chose to utilize iconography that was drawn from the culture[1] and barbaric customs[8] of Cthonia. Among them were a claw with red and black bands that was their symbol. Others included an axe symbol for the Headhunters' armoured corps, rune-marked skulls of vanquished enemies to denote victorious campaigns they took part in, as well as other cruel trophies and bloody insignia that bedecked their armour.[8] They also bore the Eye of the Serpent icon, which signified the Headhunters had sworn to serve Horus and their armour was black and red, which marked the Headhunters bonding to the Sons of Horus. These colours also shared the same roots as those worn by the Justaerin and symbolized the darkness of Cthonia's underworld, as spilled blood was the currency of its people.[1]

During the Great Crusade, the Headhunters became renowned for their appearance and for the fury of their mass charges of large infantry formations, which they favored. The ferocious infantry warriors were also known for their ululating battle-cries which had a chilling effect on their foes. This would cause many to break before the Headhunters even reached their lines. The only exception to this was the 131th Cohort, "The Mountain Breakers", which was mainly formed of mobile artillery whose crews specialized in close range bombardments. The Headhunters' tank crews meanwhile placed importance on kill tallies, but paid little attention to lesser targets like infantry. They instead tested themselves on only the most powerful of foes the Headhunters faced in battle.[8]

As the Great Crusade raged, the Headhunters also became known for being age-old rivals with their fellow Solar Auxilia cohorts, the Saturnyne Rams. However while they lacked the Rams' legendary discipline and had a less measured approach to warfare, the Headhunters' tally of victories was no less than those renowned warriors. This rivalry continued into the Horus Heresy, though while the Rams remained loyal to the Imperium, the Headhunters joined the Traitor forces that served Warmaster Horus. They became the backbone of his armies and all were eager to march under the banner of Horus and to die in his name. The Headhunters and Rams would later clash in the Battle of Beta-Garmon, which their brutal officer corps saw as the perfect chance to finally prove the superiority of the Headhunters' skills.[8]

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