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Cuarrion was a Sergeant in the Crimson Fists Chapter.

When the Ork Warlord known as The Beast invaded the Imperium, he took part in many of the subsequent battles against the Xenos, including the first invasion of The Beasts' Homeworld Ullanor, where his Chapter suffered horrific losses at the Orks' hands. Such was the Chapter's state after the invasion, that even though Cuarrion was a mere Sergeant, he was chosen to become the Crimson Fists' next Chapter Master, after their previous commander, Quesadra, was killed in the failed invasion. Cuarrion was later charged by Lord Commander Koorland with protecting Terra, along with Chapter Masters Verpall and Vorkogun[1a], while he led the remaining Imperium forces at his command in a second invasion of The Beast's Homeworld Ullanor.[1b]

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