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Culling the Horde (Short Story)

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Culling the Horde
Author Steve Parker
Publisher Black Library
Released February 2014
Pages 20
Collected in Crusade + Other Stories (Anthology)
Editions 2014 eshort:
ISBN 9781782514657

Culling the Horde is a short story by Steve Parker. It was released online in February 2014.

Cover Description

The battle for Rynn's World is won and the Crimson Fists are reclaiming their home world, but the orks who invaded the planet are difficult to eradicate. Pockets of them remain in the hills and homesteads, a threat to the people the Crimson Fists are sworn to protect. When they find a deserted farm, Sergeant Grimm and his squad suspect that there is more to the silence than meets the eye – but are the greenskins cunning enough to lay a trap for the Space Marines?

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