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2drones.gif This article is about the Battle-Brother; for the Neophyte, see Hwygir.

Culmonios was a Space Marine of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter, who survived the Fall of Sotha.[1a]


Culmonios was known to have served under Sergeant Jonic at some point.[1f]

Culmonios was amongst those Marines to make it to the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System alive. In the evacuation process, he was involved in repelling boarding actions by the tyranids that had made it onto the fleet's ships - in his case, the Pale Rider.[1a] The Chapter's defeat and the loss of their homeworld, Sotha, resulted in Culmonios beginning a habit of taking body parts from dead tyranids as trophies, an act which earned him rebukes from a number of his superiors.[1a][1b]

While in the system, the remaining Scythes stopped off at Miral Prime, which held a Chapter outpost on a mesa known as the Giant's Coffin, in order to resupply and collect any Aspirants and Neophytes that were being trained there. In an effort to step up the rate of recruitment, Scout Sergeant Brimelow sent out teams to find more Mirali tribesmen who could replenish the depleted Chapter. In order to navigate the Death World's jungles, teams of two Marines were sent out with a local escort. Culmonios was sent out with Brother Keltru and a Mirali Neophyte named Hwygir.[1b]

On their expedition into the jungles, the team encountered a Miral land shark, which severely wounded Keltru.[1c][1d] Culmonios was able to chase the creature away, finding the Mirali tribe they were sent after in the process.[1d] On returning to the Chapter's bastion at Giant's Coffin, Culmonios was honoured by Chapter Master Thorcyra for saving the life and gene-seed of his battle-brother and returning successfully with the tribesmen (which none of the other teams were able to accomplish). As a result, Thorcyra placed Culmonios in charge of the defence of Giant's Coffin against Miral Rex, a splinter fleet of Hive Fleet Kraken which was on course to attack Miral Prime.[1e]

In his role as Bastion Commander, Culmonios was noted to have an unconventional style of command by Thorcyra, as he found it easier to direct the defence as if he was on the ground with the troops, rather than looking down on a battlefield via a hololith. He was also noted to lack a sense of protocol or tradition when carrying out his duties.[1f]

Eventually, the tyranids overwhelmed every line of defence that the Scythes could establish and reached the bastion gates. Culmonios led a last, doomed charge into the xenos horde and fell to the tyranid swarms, but was pulled from the swarm by an Assault Marine and saved from a trio of Carnifexes by Chief Librarian Spiridonas.[1g] Although the Scythes were able to push back the tyranids briefly, Culmonios was later killed by a Lictor that had snuck into the keep.[1h]