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Cult Hydraic

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Symbol of the Cult Hydraic

The Cult Hydraic is a Genestealer Cult.

To assail an infestation of the Cult Hydraic is to attack a single tendril of a far greater creature. For hundreds of years, this brotherhood has sent broods of Purestrain Genestealers from the dockyards of Vigilance Quadrex. Though many have been subsequently destroyed, many more have started the Cult Hydraic anew, their colors flown on a dozen worlds across Segmentum Pacificus,[1]

It is said that only the High Nexos of the Cult know the true number of the Hydraic's cells scattered across the Galaxy, and that he passes fragments of this knowledge on to each gene-sect's own Nexoses by psychic transfer.[2]


Hybrid Acolyte of the Cult Hydraic