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Cult of Seventh Woe

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
WychCultofSW-Symbol.JPG Name: Cult of Seventh Woe WychCultofSW-Miniature.JPG
Notable Succubi: Amelica Theskis[2b]
Notable Raids: None currently reported.
Colours: Black with light-green highlights[1]
Speciality: Tyranids

The Cult of Seventh Woe is a Dark Eldar Wych Cult.[1]

This group of Wyches gained in prominence in the arena districts by late M41 when they became experts in a strange xenos species called Tyranids that had been attacking the eastern part of the galaxy. After learning these creatures were attracted to rich biomass, the cult poisoned the skies of the Imperial world of Eurydix Secundus with high-yield metasteroids. This turned the citizens of the Hive into deformed giants after they drank the water. During the invasion of the planet, the Cult of Seventh Woe emerged from the clouds during the fighting between the Imperials and the Tyranids. In the resultant chaos, they managed to capture some of the Tyranid weapon-beasts after some of the more larger and dangerous creatures were unleashed. Trapping these beasts in runic hexcages and escaped into the Webway with some of them and left Eurydix Secundus to be tyrannaformed and harvested by the Hive Fleet. Thus, this Wych Cult maintains the reputation of holding creatures the likes of which are not seen in the rest of Commoragh.[1]

The Dance of the Blinding Blade

Every seventeen years a contest called The Dance of the Blinding Blade is held, where the the most elite of the cult compete with a visiting troupe of Harlequins in a series of bloody, blisteringly fast bouts. In them, duels are fought until one contestant manages to inflict thirteen shallow cuts upon their foe with a shard-knife. Waves of murderous beasts are also released to further compete and see which small group of wyches or harlequins manage to slay a greater tally in ever more inventive and spectacular ways. Marksmanship, agility, resilience and speed are tested to their limits amid polychromatic storms of light hurtling anti-grav blades.[2a]

The height of the show is the duel to the death between one of the Succubi of the Cult against the leering form of the Harlequins' Troupe Master. Some of these duels have been known to last for hours before one of the fighters finally tumbles dead onto the bloody sand.[2a]

In 990.M41, a Great Harlequin won the contest with impossible speed and skill. He disappeared after his victory, and rumours say that the mysterious figure was no other than Cegorach himself.[3]

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