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Cult of the Blade Denied

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
BladeDenied1.jpg Name: Cult the Blade Denied BladeDenied2.jpg
Notable Succubi: Unknown
Notable Raids: None currently reported.
Colours: Black with bronze highlights[1]
Speciality: Unknown

The Cult of the Blade Denied are a Dark Eldar Wych Cult.[1]

The Cult specializes in the art of using their foes weapons against them. A particularly favored spectacle of theirs is to have a Wych of the Cult battling within their Denied Helix arena be blindfolded or tightly bound then turn the tables on a far larger opponents before killing them with their own weapon.[2]

The tendency for using the enemy's strength against them is reflected in the Blade Denied's realspace raids. The Cult deliberately puts itself at a disadvantage against its enemies, taking on superior numbers with under-equipped forces. When the battle begins the Wyches will then improvise, turning the technologies of their foes against them, crippling the largest enemies with Haywire Grenade attacks, and capturing those who remain. Stories of planetary defenders deliberately falling on their blades and killing their compatriots out of fear are accounts that have consistently followed the Blade Denied.[2]

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