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Cult of the Micro-Omnisiah

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The Cult of the Micro-Omnisiah was a sect of the Adeptus Mechanicus that operated from an outpost on Galath, a moon of the planet Glavia.


This sub-cult of Techpriests are very much like the rest of their brethren in that they are secretive though enough discussions were made with one of their Magi to glean the nature of the group. The Cult of the Micro-Omnisiah believes that an aspect of the Machine God's spirit resides in every machine. As such, the smaller the machine, the closer one gets to the final resting place of the Omnissiah and thus the more perfect the machine is.

With this in mind, the Techpriests of this Cult work in micro-forges where they create the finest and smallest machines in the entire Imperium of Man. Their crowning achievement, however, is the creation of nanogenic machines that are invisible to the naked eye, using specialised Nano-Genus Mechadendrites. It is because of this focus of nano-scale machinery that the Cult requires extensive use of silicon from the mines on Glavia in order to create the nanobots. With the required tools and resources, the Techpriests of this sect have been able to weave a pilot suit of bio-circuitry which the planet Glavia is famous for.

Despite the fame of their creations, the Cult does not regularly install bio-circuitry and instead work primarily on internal control systems for the Imperial Navy. Beyond this, they are also known to make use of their micro-forges to create excellent examples of needler weaponry. In fact, it is rumoured that they have a contract with the Officio Assassinorum for the production of such weapons.