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Cult of the Pain Eternal

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The Cult of the Pain Eternal is a Dark Eldar Wych Cult.

Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
PainEternalSymbol.jpg Name: Cult of the Pain Eternal PainEternalWarrior.jpg
Notable Succubi: Unknown
Notable Raids:
Colours: Red & Green
Speciality: Targeting the faithful


The Cult of the Pain Eternal is a spacefaring Cult that worships the Dark Muse Hekatii and seeks to defile shrines and holy sites of other races' Gods, in her name. The Imperium's Shrine Worlds are a favoured target of the Cult and this has led the Pain Eternal to clash with the Sisters of Battle numerous times. Despite the Sisters best efforts however, many religious strongholds have fallen victim to a surprise attack by the Cult. The Pain Eternal's attacks do have their detractors among the Dark Eldar though, who often say that the Cult wreaks their own brand of havoc for no greater reason than to prove that nothing is sacred. The the Succubi who lead the Pain Eternal however, profess a far greater aim. They state that while Wyches of other Cults fight in the arenas to bleed away the lifeblood of mortals, the Cult of the Pain Eternal wishes to bleed away the lifeblood of Gods. Because of this goal, the Cult of the Pain Eternal believe in a higher reward than the adulation of an adoring crowd and rarely appear in Commorragh's arenas; usually only when their raiding fleets dock in the Dark City, once every few years.[1]

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