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Cult of the Reborn

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The Cult of the Reborn was a religious group that existed during the Unification Wars and was centered around the IXth Legion.[1]


The cult was formed from desperate wanderers, exiles, and mutants that had lived in the most inhospitable parts of Terra, and followed the IXth Legion in the hopes of being chosen to be reborn as an Astartes. As these groups grew in size, red-robed people calling themselves the Red Brothers emerged and brought order to the mobs, creating a shell of religion and mysticism around the Legionnaires.

For a time, the Red Brothers herded the faithful, using their influence and wealth they gained from tithes and bribes, becoming also indispensable to the IXth Legion as they chose who was presented to the Apothecaries to be reborn.

When the Emperor of Mankind implimented his doctrine of Imperial Truth, the IXth Legion destroyed the group with complete indifference to their worshippers.[1]


The Red Brothers preached a bloody doctrine of sacrifice to the red-handed angels in order to be chosen to join them in an eternity of war. They sang praises from afar to the legion, and collected shell casings and fragments of armour that they treated as holy relics.[1]