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Cult of the Red Grief

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
RedGriefSymbol.jpg Name: Cult of the Red Grief RedGriefWarrior.jpg
Notable Succubi: Idyliane
Notable Raids: Battle of Refusal.
Colours: Black with dark red highlights[1]
Speciality: Aerial acrobatics

The Cult of the Red Grief are a Dark Eldar Wych Cult.[1]

This Cults raiding forces employ whole flotillas of Raiders that fly in close formation towards the foe, escorted by Reavers, Venoms, and Hellions. When these formations close with the enemy, the Wyches will spring from Raider to Jetbike to Skyboard and back again with athletic precision, dismounting and mounting so swiftly that the transports barely have to slow. Only the Wyches themselves ever touch the ground, and even then only to deliver the killing blow to an enemy.[2] Even when they become members of the Cult, its warriors still often participate in Commorragh's never-ending gang wars. The Red Grief view these struggles as a meditative practice that they return to after completing a realspace raid.[3]

The Red Grief's main arena, The Pit, is an unforgiving structure built into the peak of a towering Commorragh spire. Its galleries are made from transparent crystal, revealing that the audience are suspended only moments from a plunge to their deaths. The arena proper has no floor, just a gulf prowled by drifting anti-grav platforms. Hellions duel here, their skyboards trailing lines of monofilament wire that unspool in complex webs that decapitate and dismember opponents.[2]

Their raiding territory is southern Segmentum Tempestus[4]

Notable Members

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