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Cult of the Second Son

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The Cult of the Second Son is a Genestealer Cult, that infested Necromunda's Hive Secundus and soon gained control of it.[1]

However when the Hive World's Planetary Governor became aware of this, he ordered the rad bombing of Secundus which toppled it to the ground. Afterwards, the area around the fallen Hive's remains was declared quarantine extremis, and the denizens of Necromunda were forbidden from ever talking about it. Unfortuantely for the population of Necronmunda, hundreds of thousands of the Second Son survive, and have become so mutated by the rad bombs, that they have become troglodytes and are now as lethal as Genestealers. Worse still, the Cult has infiltrated the vast tunnel network beneath Necromunda's surface and they attack the Underhive gangs, that foolishly try to raid the remains of Hive Secundus.[1]

Now also named Malstrains, they occupied ruins of Hive Secundus[2a] and have been held back for a long time by the Enforcers, entrenched in the Dust Wall fortresses,[2b] although recently the mutated Genestealer Cultists are increasingly managing to break free and go on a rampage through the surrounding territories of Necromunda.[2a]


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