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Cult of the Star Saviours

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The Cult of the Star Saviours is a Genestealer Cult.[1]

After being robbed of both its Patriarch and Magus due to an attack by the Imperial Navy, the Cult of the Star Saviours misread a week-long meteor shower as a sign of imminent salvation. Taking the shooting stars in the skies of Evergrind as confirmation that celestial rapture is close at hand, the last hierarch, Primus Adamant, puts into motion his plans of conquest. On the night of the grand insurrection, every breeder city and dust farm upon Evergrind’s surface is lit by the fires of revolution. Riots break out in every quadrant as the local citizens taking the opportunity to loot, kill and burn, take revenge for endless centuries of oppression by their overlords. During the fighting, Primus Adamant is slain by an entrenched heavy weapons team. By the time the new moon rises, the planet has devolved into a post-apocalyptic bedlam populated by warring tribes, lone scavengers and scuttling half-xenos predators. Those spacecraft foolish enough to make planetfall upon Evergrind are soon brought low and claimed by the leaderless cult – and the ships’ passengers with them.[1]