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Cult of the Starchosen

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The Cult of the Starchosen is a Genestealer Cult.

Born upon the agri-world of Cornucopia, a splinter fleet of the shattered Hive Fleet Behemoth triggers their rise. However the Ultramarines 8th Company put down the insurrection at great cost. Planetary Governor Udo Ingloriam sends a cargo ship full of brand new Goliath trucks to Masali, Cornucopia’s twin agri-world within Ultramar’s borders. Only after the vehicles are found to be full of Genestealers, sealed within antique stasis caskets to prevent detection, is Udo Ingloriam’s treachery uncovered. The 8th Company returns to Cornucopia. This time, it is all but destroyed, for the Starchosen have grown strong indeed. On the orders of Chapter Master Calgar himself, the planet is designated Perdita and subjected to Exterminatus.[1]