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Cult of the Thorn Unseen

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
Unknown.jpg Name: Cult of the Thorn Unseen ThornUnseen.jpg
Notable Succubi: Unknown
Notable Raids: None currently reported.
Colours: Green
Speciality: Unknown

The Cult of the Thorn Unseen is a Dark Eldar Wych Cult, which is known for being skilled, calculating and utterly ruthless. Its members disdain other Cults' ostentatious displays and gruesome spectacles in favour of a clinically precise application of force. The Thorn Unseen's Wyches stride, seemingly without effort, through the arenas of Commorragh, with every blow and movement exactly measured for maximum grace and lethality.[1]


The Cult of the Thorn Unseen was created by Jon, a member of Games Workshop's Warhammer Community website team.[1]

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