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Cult of the Toothed Coil

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The Cult of the Toothed Coil is a Genestealer Cult, that is active on the Agri World Abundantia.[1]


As of M42, the Cult's corruption has spread across the entire world. Its persuasive rhetoric led the Coil to find excellent recruiting grounds within Abundantia's reclamation cities. In order to also fan the flames of unrest in the Cult's favor, the Coil ensured the cities suffered under guerilla strikes, assassinations and bombings at their hands. Meanwhile, the majority of the Agri World's Harvester Engine crews, were fully under the thrall of the Coil. Most importantly, though, the creation and off-world shipping of Abundantia's chemical stimulants and bio-lubricants, were also corrupted by the Cult. Shaylagh Dysther, a Magus of the Coil, used her domineering influence among the Agri World's elite, to install the Coil's Biophaguses in several factorums. Now the Cult's taint is in every syringe and canister shipped off-world, ensuring its corruption has spread beyond Abundantia.[1]

As the Octarius War raged in M42, the Coil grew in strength as refugees flooded into Abundantia's Sigma-Ulstari System. Many settled on the Agri World and fell under the Cult's influence. The Coil would later stage an uprising, as Orks and Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan repeatedly attacked the System. They had hoped to pave the way for the Hive Fleet's invasion of Abundantia, but this has yet to occur. This has led the Cult's Clamavuses and Maguses to preach that the Leviathan would only arrive, after Abundantia's oppressive regime was torn down. However while the Hive Fleet has yet to appear, several Ork Clans have invaded and the Coil now fights against both them and the Imperium. The Orks, though, have now begun looting targets that threaten the Cult's influence. This includes the Harvester Engines, which the Coil has been using to launch surprise invasions, of Abundantia's outposts for supplies. These massive mobile fortresses have been targeted by the Waaagh! of the Speedboss Morbad Zagblasta, who wants to add them to his might. Most importantly, however, Zagblasta and Beast Snaggas now seek to lay claim to any of Abundantia's chemical stimulants and bio-lubricants they can find. The Waaagh! uses them as fuel additives for their vehicles, while the Beast Snaggas use them as steroid steroidal enhancers for their monstrous Squigs. This attack on the Coil's future, has now become a major source of violent conflict between the Cult and the Orks.[1]