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Cult of the Twisted Helix

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Symbol of the Cult of the Twisted Helix

The Cult of the Twisted Helix is one of the six Genestealer Cults documented by the Ordo Xenos.[1]


Hailing from the macro-alchemical distilleries that provide the medicae-class civilised world of Vejovium III with its exported medicines, the cult of the Twisted Helix has spread far and wide. The Cult first formed in late M38 when a clutch of Genestealers destined for experimentation by the Vejovium III's mad scientists escaped, managing to infect a single host who became known as the Prime Specimen. The worlds scientists were ultimately able to dissect the Genestealers, seeing the xenos lifeforms as the key to evolution and even immortality. Under strict test conditions overseen by the Prime Specimen, the ruling nobility of Vejovium was convinced to consume an elixir derived from the Genestealers to achieve perfection. Instead, this transformed them into something resembling Neophyte Hybrids. Since that day, the Twisted Helix was able to dominate all of Jejovium III.[2]

The cult’s broodkin skulk in enormous medifactoria that appear from the aristocracy’s spires like the laboratory of some godly sage, all spiral glass pipelines and chimneys that belch strangely colored smoke. At a high cost in volunteers’ lives, the magisters of the industrial cult have learned how to extract the germ-seed of the Genestealer and incorporate it into the curative syringe-phials that form a major part of Vejovium’s medical exports. Though the imperfections of this bio-alchemical breakthrough have resulted in a great many aberrations and metamorphs, the process has seen the Twisted Helix swiftly spread its curse with across the Vejovium System and beyond.[1]

The use of twisted medical science has allowed the Cult to spread across many worlds, and as a result it fields large numbers of Biophagi. They see those they conquer as nothing more than test subjects and wars as chances to undertake experiments. They have created works of mad genius in their quest for the perfect life form, yet seek daily to surpass them. The leaders of the Twisted Helix are power-mad demagogues that hide their mania behind the facade of intellectual curiosity.[1]

Normally, the Twisted Helix utilize a great many twisted monstrosities including Aberrants, multi-limbed hybrids, and hunchbacked brutes. They achieve their aims through open violence rather than subtlety, unleashing armies of steroid-fueled hybrids, shock troops, and Biophagi[3].

Notable Members