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Cult of the Wrath Unbound

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Cult Symbol Basic Data Miniature
WrathUnboundSymbol.jpg Name: Cult of the Wrath Unbound WrathUnboundWarrior.jpg
Notable Succubi: Hythnamene Veilblood
Notable Raids:
Colours: Green & red
Speciality: Dedication to Khaine

The Cult of the Wrath Unbound is a Wych Cult of the Dark Eldar.[1]


The Cult of the Wrath Unbound seek to harness the Khaelas Maenaid, a killing trance-like state utilized by Eldar warriors. The warriors of this Cult practice long and gory rituals before each performance or battle, gradually letting their intellect slip away and their bloodlust take over. Slowly but surely they become creatures of pure violence uttering prayers to Khaine while they massacre their enemies. While in the Khaelas Maenaid these Wyches will not just kill their victims but reduce them to bloody scraps of meat. While in these trances, the Wyches and Beastmasters of this cult appear unaffected by injury or fatigue. As such, their raids gather more and more momentum as they slaughter their foes and their warriors further slip into their trance. A single assault upon a city than escalate into an orgy of violence that consumes an entire world.[1a]

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