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Cyberachnids are large Necromunda Spiders that have been captured or bred by House Van Saar and modified into cyborg servitor monstrosities. Spiders mean much to the Hive World, and feature heavily in the heraldry including Van Saar, whose sigil is in the likeness of a spider. The House plays on this by often having their gangs accompanied by several Cyberachnids that will fight beside them in battles. In order to be better effective in their combat roles, the Cyberachnids have been installed with auspex bafflers, vox casters, venom injectors placed in their pneumatic piston fangs, along with cyclic web throwers and a scuttler rig that can handle dozens of terrain configurations. This results in the Cyberachnids having a truly gruesome appearance, which has often made Van Saar's faint-hearted enemies maintain a safe distance from the creatures. Truthfully, though, the House expects this reaction, and those who move to avoid the Cyberachnids will place themselves in Van Saar's waiting crosshairs.[1]