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Cybernetica Cortex

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The Cybernetica Cortex was a device used by the Legio Cybernetica of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This arcane device comprised the reasoning control centre and animating Machine spirit of the Battle-automata. Consisting of a synthetic "brain" cased in complex bio-plastic mass which extrudes nerve-like tendrils into the body of the robotic frame< it invigorated the machine with false-life. Far beyond a simple cogitator in capability, it was neither truly alive nor sapient like the dreaded inhuman Silica Animus of the Age of Strife. Instead it was akin to a primal web of instinct guided by a programmed framework of encoded behavior. The result is a superior self-guided machine that will act with a degree of tactical sense and self-preservation beyond a Servitor but not risk revolt like the mythical Men of Iron.[1]

The Cybernetica Cortex was controlled by a Cortex Controller, a device wielded by Magos and Techmarines of the Legio Astartes which allowed the wielder to monitor the Automata's status and senses as well control their actions.[1]