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Cyrene Valantion

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Word Bearers confessor; for the world, see Cyrene.

Cyrene Valantion, known as the Blessed Lady by the Word Bearers and inhabitants of Colchis, was an early Confessor.[1]

She was the sole survivor of the destruction of the Word Bearer's "perfect city" of Monarchia by the Ultramarines, losing her sight amid the blinding light of Lance orbital bombardment. Thereafter she was worshiped by many of those who followed the Word Bearers ideals, and was made an Confessor by Lorgar himself. Cyrene became very close and trusted to Argel Tal and Xaphen, who came to her with their troubles. One of the three Abyss Class battleships was named in her honor as Blessed Lady.[1]

Cyrene was killed by Adeptus Custodes for being in their way during the beginnings of the Drop Site Massacre, and spent the next year having her soul torn apart by Daemons in the Warp. Later she was resurrected by Erebus as part of his scheme to better control Argel Tal. However she was apparently killed again during the Shadow Crusade when the Fidelitas Lex was heavily damaged. In truth she had reached an escape pod and met Cabal agents led by Damon Prytanis, who revealed that she has a Perpetual since her resurrection and asked her to come with them.[2]