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Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map unknown.jpg Name Cyrenica Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Unknown
Location: Eastern Fringe Unknown.jpg
Colours: Unknown

Cyrenica is a Tau Sept.[1]


It was once claimed by the Kibris Xenos species, before the Tau Empire invaded and defeated them. Afterwards the Tau held a victory parade, but the Kibris had left a large number of their Berserkers in hiding, who attempted to kill the Ethereals attending it. The Tau attacked them, but the Berserkers had taken a stimulant that allowed them to enter their savage state and also allowed them to ignore any wounds they suffered. Armed with armor-piercing Magnesium Carbines, the Kibris Berserkers would have killed the Ethereals, had scores of Fire Warriors not placed themselves as a shield in front of their leaders. The fighting ended, when the last of the Berserkers fell dead after their stimulant wore off and their fatal wounds finally claimed their lives. And while nearly five hundred Fire Warriors were killed by the Berzerkers, none of the Ethereals had been harmed.[1]

The Rogue Trader Janus Draik had been invited to the victory parade and was able to witness the Kibris Berzerkers' attack. He later wrote that the Fire Warriors had calmly shielded the Ethereals, though it seemed like they did so involuntarily. Draik also noticed that while the battle raged, the Ethereals viewed the massacre of the Fire Warriors with a chilling disdain, as though they barely registered the sacrifice being done to save them. When the last Berzerker fell dead, Draik saw that none of the Tau paid any attention to the slain Fire Warriors and instead everyone desperately rushed to the Ethereals and guided their leaders to safety. After witnessing this behavior, the Rogue Trader now wonders if the Tau Empire's expansions are really drive by the Greater Good, or something more sinister.[1]

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