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Scout Sergeant Cyrus

Cyrus is a veteran Scout Sergeant in the Blood Ravens Tenth Company who has dedicated himself to training the Chapter's initiates and Scouts, as well as honing them into full-fledged Space Marines.


Even amongst his own Chapter, Cyrus is a man of few words, and has a fearsome reputation. His methods, while highly unpopular amongst the Battle Brothers, have earned them countless victories, most notably during the Genestealer outbreak on Victoria Primus.

Service with the Deathwatch

During the beginning of the outbreak of the Tyranid infestation of the planet Calderis he told the Blood Ravens that he served with the Inquisitorial Deathwatch.

Cyrus served in the Deathwatch for nearly two centuries. While his unorthodox tactics had been considered eccentric by his fellow Blood Ravens, they were fully embraced by his squad mates in the Deathwatch.

Cyrus ended his tour of duty with the Deathwatch after the battle of Victoria Primus, and he was determined to bring all that he had learned back to the Blood Ravens.

After decades of resistance from Captain Indrick Boreale, Cyrus finally requested to serve under Captain Davian Thule. Thule was quickly convinced and soon began to implement many of Cyrus's tactics as a matter of course.

"Cyrus is no fool," Thule would often remark. "There is a reason he chooses to remain a Scout Sergeant. In a few centuries there will not be a Blood Raven left who hasn't been molded by this thinking."


Cyrus always wears a light suit of Scout Armour, which can be upgraded through wargear findings. During the Aurelian Crusade, he can wield an Astartes MK IIs Pattern Sniper Rifle, an Astartes Combat Shotgun, or the typical Boltgun. If his ranged discipline is developed, he is able to wield a MK IIIa "Heretic"-pattern Flamer.