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Cyrus of Larrentine

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Cyrus, also known as Cyrus of Larrentine, was a Donian General and Archduke of Larrentine.[1]

He is most notable for being one of Macharius' six Army Group commanders during the Macharian Crusade, commanding the 7th Army Group. Cyrus and Macharius originally met during the early victories of Macharius as commander of the Donian Imperial Guard during the Roxane Rebellion. Cyrus waged a campaign in the Forax Cluster during the Crusade itself. During the Crusade, Cyrus became known for his remarkable precision and sense of timing. However it is believed that on the world of Olnoth, Cyrus learned some dark truths about the nature of the nearby Ayzinith Abyss. He soon began undertaking unassigned expeditions and was the only one of Macharius' generals to ever pass into the unknown depths of the Jade Veil.[2]

During the Macharian Heresy, Cyrus became known as one of the greatest scourges of the Imperium. After decades of fighting, he was reportedly killed during a huge fleet battle against Space Marines, though rumors persist he somehow slipped away. The Inquisition has pursued such rumors, but nothing was ever found to confirm them.[2]