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D'yanoi is a sept world that was once isolated from the Tau Empire for many years.[3]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map d'yanoi.jpg Name D'yanoi D'yanoi Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: First
Location: Eastern Fringe D'yanoi Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Blue and Beige

Sept Information

The planet of Vespid is only 3 light years to the galactic south of the D'yanoi sept. As a result, D'yanoi Hunter Cadres are frequently accompanied by Vespid allies.[7]

A D'yanoi Swordfish[9]
Sept Color
Light Blue
Uniform Variation
Brown/White, Red[6]


D'yanoi, whose name means "twin moons", was isolated from the main body of the Tau Empire for many years[3] due to a fierce and unnatural space storm[5]; this isolation led the sept to regress to a lower level of technological advancement. Although contact with D'yanoi has since been re-established, its inhabitants are still considered backwards and rustic by most Tau.[3] The Sept has also seen many infamous Ork invasions, though its warriors have defeated each in turn, despite the horrors wrought by the greenskins.[5] In particular, the actions of the veteran Broadside Battlesuit pilot Shas'ui Calon'oi when fighting the Orks have earned him the moniker of "Wavebreaker."[8]

D'yanoi is cast in perpetual half-light by the complex interaction of its moons with its tide-locked orbit. D'yanoi inhabits a tidally-locked orbit, and interaction between this trait and the revolutions of its moons leaves the planet bathed in a constant twilight.[4] When the Tau first settled the world during the First Sphere of Expansion, D'yanoi was home to colossal reptilian beasts that had to be driven back by disciplined Cadres of Fire Warriors. The D'yanoi beasts consumed many colonists before this was accomplished.[1]