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D060-K13 is a Hardcase Cyber-Mastiff, who once served Necromunda's House Orlock.[1]

Originally, D060 was one of Lord Orlock's scrap hounds, before being turned into a Hardcase Cyber-Mastiff. The hound was one of 13 such Mastiffs, that were created by the outcast Van Saar Archeotek Von Buren, in payment for House Orlock's protection from his former Clan House. Years later, though, D060 is the only one of Von Buren's Mastiffs still known to function. However the Mastiff's faithful service to Lord Orlock ended, when D060 vanished into the wastes after following the call of some imagined voice. During the Mastiff's journey, D060 made new friends at every stop, before disappearing once more to pursue the voice. Even today, many years after Do60's departure, stories still filter back to the House's capital, Crucible, about the Mastiff turning up to help Orlock gangs in need, before disappearing again into the outlands or Hive Primus' Underhive.[1]