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Daemon Weapon

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Daemon Weapons are gifts of the Gods of Chaos, used by Chaos Champions and Daemons. Bound (sometimes willingly) in the form of the weapon, and imprisoned there for an eternity, is the spirit of a Daemon.


Daemon Weapons are only granted to the most powerful of a Chaos God's servants: Greater Daemons, Daemon Princes and still-mortal Champions of Chaos. Each weapon is unique and grants considerable power to those who wield it, however the daemon bound to the weapon can sometimes overcome the will of its would-be master.

Willingly you picked me up. Your first mistake. Willingly you drew me. Your second mistake. I do not allow my servants to make three mistakes, foolish mortal...
A Daemon Weapon, [2a]

Daemon Weapons of Khorne

  • The Axe of Khorne is a massive, ornate axe imbued with Khorne's own insatiable bloodlust. They are wielded by Bloodthirsters and are also gifted on occasion to other worthy champions of Khorne.[2d]
  • The Berzerker Glaive is a weapon that the bearer must constantly fight with to remain in control of. The blade contains the bound essence of a Bloodletter which has been driven truly insane by its captivity.[2d]

Daemon Weapons of Nurgle

  • Pandemic Staves are vessels for the diseases of Nurgle when they are carried from the Warp to the materium and can be released in battle to feast upon enemy units.[2e] [3]

Daemon Weapons of Slaanesh

  • The Lash of Torment is a living whip with wicked spikes along its length and is warm to the touch. It feeds on the pain and fear of its victims, amplifying such emotions and inducing terror in those nearby.[2f] [3]

Daemon Weapons of Tzeentch

Unaligned Daemon Weapons

  • The Dreadaxe is a vampiric blade, effective against other Daemons.[2b]
  • The Kai Gun is a ranged weapon, fueled by the hatred of its wielder.[2b]

Notable Daemon Weapons