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Daemonic Possession

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Daemonic Possession is the act of the essence of a Daemon possessing and controlling the body of another being.[1]


As Daemons can only exist in the Materium for a limited period before being forced back into the Warp, Daemonic Possession is one of the most common methods for Daemons to enter the material realm. Daemonic Possession can occur involuntarily to those of psychic potential, but the host sometimes willingly gives themselves over to Daemonic Possession, as is the case with Possessed Chaos Space Marines and certain Cultists. Possessed individuals can often be used as gateways to the Warp, allowing Daemons to spill into the Materium.[1][2]

Corpses can also be possessed by Daemons and are known as Corporeal Hosts[3b]. Chaos icons can be used to achieve this, which will place the Corporeal Hosts in the control of the icons' wielder. Dedicating these icons to specific Chaos Gods, will ensure only their Daemons possess the corpses. However if the icon is destroyed, then the Daemons will be banished and the corpses will collapse once more.[3a]

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