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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the discipline; for the short story by Chris Wraight, see Daemonology (Short Story).

Daemonology is the study as well as the Psychic Discipline which focuses on all things that dealt with the Warp and Chaos. Those users of this art are masters at manipulating the interactions between warp space and the mortal world. This allows them to accomplish amazing acts such as teleportation, but tends to be the most difficult of the disciplines to truly master, with many either perishing or being driven insane.[1]


  • Banishment: this power allows a daemonologist to create a temporary portal into the Warp which can either strip the power from a Psyker or banish a Daemonic creature back to the Warp which spawned it.[1]
  • Instability: through this ability, a psyker can phase the molecules of their body allowing them to be slightly within the warp and thus allowing them to pass through solid matter.[1]
  • Sanctuary: this creates a zone of power around a psyker which repels any daemonic beasts that approach it.[1]
  • Teleportation: a psyker can use this power to transport themselves or another person/object into the warp and emerge somewhere else on the field.[1]
  • Vortex of Chaos: a powerful ability known to psykers that practice the art of daemonology which allows them to open a gateway between the mortal world and the warp thus creating a swirling vortex which sucks everything near it into the tear in space.[1]
  • Summon Warp Power: by drawing upon the energy of the Warp, a psyker can imbue themselves with great strength and agility for a limited amount of time.[2]
  • Summon Void: this power allows a psyker to open a small breach into the Warp which tears away a tiny piece of reality and drags it into the Immaterium.[2]