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Death Company Chaplain Daenor

Daenor is a Chaplain of the Blood Angels Death Company


From the bloody slaughter in the Akatrian Heights, to the hellish invasion of the Nightmare Well, Chaplain Daenor has battled his way through some of the most horrific battles in the Blood Angels’ history. Never once has his composure failed him. Never once has he succumbed to the Flaw, and this alone is enough to have seen him elevated to the rank of Death Company Chaplain. No matter how dire the circumstances or dread the foe, Daenor’s icy composure never cracks. Moreover, his deep spirituality and natural leadership qualities do much to steady the warriors around him. He is a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope and fortitude amongst the smoke-wreathed hell of the battlefield, and even the most lost of his brothers follow his lead without question. Daenor is far more than a figurehead, of course. His skill in close combat is prodigious; even wielding his bulky crozius arcanum in battle, Daenor strikes and parries as quickly as any expert swordsman. It is here, in the heat of battle, that the coldly composed Chaplain reveals his true zeal. Every strike is driven with the furious strength of utter conviction. Each thunderous blow that connects hurls another broken foe to the ground, their life smote from them in the name of the Angel and the Emperor.[1a]

During the Diamor Campaign, Daenor led the Death Company in battle.[1a] During the battle on the planet of Amethal he clashed with Kharn the Betrayer who severed his arm and nearly killed him but was distracted by Kharn's own Berzerker - Korbadash, giving Daenor the chance to escape. However all of the Death Company warriors of Daenor were killed in this battle with Kharn and his allies.[2] Later wounded but still ardent Daenor led the last remains of arrived Death Company warriors to the battle for the Pit (aka Daemonic Cage) at the last phase of battle on Amethal.[1b]

He survived that battle and continues to serve his Chapter, following the aftermath of the Devastation of Baal.[3]

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